KMM Studio. The first of its kind.

Our Artists bring your music to life.

Elite Performers

Professional musicians record every note, dynamic, and phrase with an artist’s touch.

Limitless Genres

Band. Orchestra. Choir. Chamber Music. Jazz. Art Song. Big Band. Soundtracks. Accompaniments. Backup Vocals. Pop Horns. New Music. String Quartets. Brass Choir…The list goes on and on.

Exciting Music Videos

Maximize your audience through eye-catching visual performances designed to match the mood and aesthetic of the music itself.

Lightning-Fast Results

Stop waiting around to experience your music. We make sure that you’re getting high quality recordings quickly.

Flexible and Affordable Packages

Choose between Audio-only and combined Video packages. Recording prices start at $30 per track and Audio/Video production prices follow the same criteria as our virtual performances.

Add us to your performances!

Need a “ringer” or two or three for your virtual performance? We can jump in to make your recording sparkle.

How does it work?


Contact Us

We’ll analyze your project and let you know the cost for each track we’ll record.


Select your Format

Choose between recording services + audio mixing or get the total package: high quality audio and an exciting music video.


KMM Studio Artists record your music from the safety of their own homes.


Fast Turnaround

Our team of media engineers will get your high-quality performance into your hands (and ears and eyes) quickly.

Sit back and Enjoy

This is the best part: you experiencing your music come to life.