Virtual Performances.

We’ll do the heavy lifting to make your virtual performance a reality.

Click Tracks

Recording parts has never been easier. KMM will provide your ensemble with the proper tools to make recording a breeze using devices they keep in their pockets at all times.

Easy Instructions

Performers are given step-by-step instructions on how to easily record and submit their audio and video, which makes virtual music-making fun.

Refined Audio

Every submission will be analyzed, edited, and mastered to sound as clean, full, and exciting as possible.

Fast Turnaround

Our current turnaround time is around 10 days after receiving your final submissions and we also have express turnaround options available, too!

Eye-Catching Video

Close-Ups, Section Shots, and Multi-Cams, Oh My! Every video is given a unique look to help tell your musical story.

Starting from $199

Because every performance is unique, we’ll need to provide a quote that encompasses your ideal performance. Pricing is determined based on the number of performers and the length and complexity of the project.

Every Virtual Performance Includes


Click Track & Reference Audio

Performer Audio Instructions

Performer Video Instructions

Edited and Mastered Audio

Performance Video

Custom Video Thumbnail Graphic